Art of Homes helps you dream big and bring your vision to life with picture perfect family homes.

Art of Homes don’t just build homes, we look after people

It’s people who make a house a home and we are passionate about customer service. Our commitment to transparency, value and service allows you to be completely involved across the design and construction process for your new home build.

Our process

How we look after your new home build from start to finish

Our process starts with simply listening. We take the time to understand how you live, work, relax and play. Our design team will translate your dream lifestyle into an initial plan for your new home build, creating a design that suits your family now and into the future.

Using our base designs we will start to build a picture of your dream lifestyle and work on preliminary plans to give you an estimated cost for your new home build including home design and preliminary site costs.

Our design process invites you to discover your ArtStyle. Together we explore your design influences – urban, classic, modern or inspired by nature – to inform your new home style and complete your final drawings.

Your detailed Building Contract including plans and specifications is ready for signing and everything is in place to turn your new home build into a reality. Communication is key and we ensure this process is clear and transparent.

Building a new home is all about partnerships. We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain trusted partnerships between all our suppliers and contractors. Every part of your new home build will be handled with care and a commitment to quality.

In exchange for your trust and investment, you will be rewarded with a quality home and lifestyle that will last for generations. If something goes wrong at any stage, we make it right, giving you confidence that your new home build will turn out better than planned.

When you build with Art of Homes, you can have confidence that your home will last for generations. Our dedicated customer service team offers ongoing support for any maintenance and QBCC warranties so you can enjoy your new home with confidence.

Building confidence: Art of Homes new home build experience

Building confidence means you can relax knowing that you’re creating a dream home and lifestyle perfect for now and into the future.

Confidence is knowing that you can rely on someone. It’s what our clients value most about us. As a family owned business, we focus on keeping it real and living up to our promises. We are open and honest in our communication and place transparency, value and service at the top of our priorities list. When you build with us, you get the ‘big builder’ experience with a personal touch. You will enjoy extraordinary access to the registered builder – unusual in today’s market – while receiving all the benefits of a large-volume builder: proven designs, quality finishes and project efficiency.

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All our clients say the same thing:

“Being able to talk directly the person building the home makes all the difference. I love the service, the attention to detail and the personal touch.”

Some of our suppliers

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